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   La Vecchia Posta is a stately building of five storeys of 1920, located in the historic center of Calangianus, at the foot of Mount Limbara, in the heart of Gallura. Once, it housed the first post office of the village. Hence the name La Vecchia Posta.

   The idea of ​​transforming the building into a B&B was born a few years ago, with the intention to offer to the travelers the chance to know our territory in its entirety, passing from the sea to the mountains, through the discovery of breathtaking landscapes and historical sites.

   The B&B has been renovated using mainly the main material of our territory: the cork.

    We have decided to use this material, usually used for making wine bottle caps, for its multiple properties, such insulation, elegance in furnishing, but above all, because it is totally eco-sustainable.

We are sure that our guests will appreciate our choice.

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