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Panorama Calangianus


Piazza del Popolo
street of the b&b
Chiesa Santa Giusta granito

   Calangianus, a village of about 4000 inhabitants, stands on a granite upland at 518 meters above the sea level, at the foot of Mount Limbara, whose summit reaches 1,350 meters.

   Surrounded by the typical cork trees of Gallura, Calangianus is known exactly for the traditional art of the processing this precious natural product, earning the definition of "Cork Capital". It has been also listed among the hundred richest and most productive villages in Italy.

   Geographically it enjoys a strategic position, thanks to the nature that surrounds it, with an uncontaminated territory, where it is possible to breathe pure air, and thanks to the proximity to the major countries of the north east of the island.

   Nature offers a wide range of berries and undergrowth to be enjoyed directly from the plants. One of the most widespread berries is that of Mirto, from whose processing, we obtain the famous liqueur unique in the world, the Myrthe.

   Nearby grew also many qualities of mushrooms. Many mycologists and enthusiasts, who stay for days in the period from late August to November at the search the mushrooms.

   Not forget the vineyards, where famous and excellent wines are produced, both white and red. The famous Vermentino di Gallura finds its origin in these lands.

   Also present farms in the wild, cattle, sheep and goats, from which delicious cheeses and meats, with a unique flavor, are produced, thanks to the properties of the grass.

   Visiting Mount Limbara also, you can maybe be lucky enough to encounter mouflons, deers, royal eagles, buzzards, owls, wild cats, foxes and boars and appreciate flowers and medicinal herbs typical of the place.​

   At 2 kms you'll find Luras, renowned for its sweets, where you can also visit the Galluras Museum; at 6 kms, Nuchis small ancient village, where the houses are made of granite and the countless churches, from the Romanesque period; at 8 km we find Tempio Pausania, city center of about 15 thousand inhabitants, called the "city of stone". The old town centre, ancient seat of the Templars, is just 10 kms away; the nice village of Aggius, famous for its carpet processing, one of the many renomated villages of Gallura, is just 15 kms away.

   Just 30 minutes driving from Calangianus we find the city of Olbia, main center of north-east Sardinia with airport, port and railway station. From here in 5 minutes driving you find yourself catapulted into the fantastic beaches of our coast and traveling a few kilometers more, you can reach the most famous Costa Smeralda.

   The passage from the mountain to the sea is almost imperceptible thanks to the beauty of the scenic roads traveling to get there.

   Here you will be captured by the authentic scents of the territory, good food and rich traditions.



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