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Il significato degli alberi


Quercia da Sughero: simbolo di potere, energia e sopravvivenza.


Betulla: simbolo di rinascita, purificazione, conoscenza e purezza.

Ontano: simbolo di protezione spirituale e potere oracolare.

Salice: richiama gli aspetti lunari e femminili della vita e dell’ispirazione poetica.

Frassino: simbolo iniziazione e rinascita.

Biancospino: simbolo di purezza, viaggi interiori e intuizione.

Nocciolo: invita alla meditazione, incoraggia saggezza interiore, intuizione, potere di divinazione.

Melo: d’aiuto quando si deve prendere una decisione importante.

Sambuco: simbolo di vita e rigenerazione.

Fico: purifica il cuore e rimuove umidità dal corpo.

Abete: guarigione fratture e riduzione gonfiore.

The meaning of Trees



Cork Oak: symbol of power, energy and survival.

Birch: symbol of rebirth, purification, knowledge and purity.

Alder: symbol of spiritual protection and oracular power.

Willow: recalls the lunar and feminine aspects of life and poetic inspiration.

Ash: symbol of initiation and rebirth.

Hawthorn: symbol of purity, inner journeys and intuition.

Nub: invites to meditation, encourages inner wisdom, intuition, power of divination.

Apple tree: helps when making an important decision.

Elderberry: symbol of life and regeneration.

Fig: purifies the heart and removes moisture from the body.

Spruce: healing fractures and reducing swelling.



During the winter 2019/2020 our structure began to carry on the Forest -Therapy Project which was born from the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku from shinrin "forest" and yoku "bath" then translated literally: bath in the forest and the Silvoterapia ie embrace the trees, a real therapeutic method scientifically recognized in 1927 which is based on the authentic idea of recovery of health through the trees.

We approached this concept because of the majestic woods that surround our country, still uncontaminated, where absolute peace and the scents of nature make it. We immediately believed in this philosophy as tested by us first of all recognizing the mental and physical relief obtained after a bath in the forest, thus deciding to promote this project to promote public health thanks to the contact with nature.
Today more than ever, given the new health problems caused by the Covid-19 and beyond, we will all need to re-establish contact with nature and think about the "psycho-physical" well-being unfortunately neglected because of the hectic life we were leading, without being able to carve out precious time even during the holidays. We have also unconsciously sumatized a high stress and sometimes it can become chronic, this state can lead over time to various organic disorders such as headaches, agitation, heartburn, lack of creativity, mood swings, anger, etc.. We don't have to wait until the short circuit to pull the plug and we have to pay attention to our well-being.

The human being has a strong attraction to nature and the roots of Forest-therapy can be found in countless cultures around the world, even the most skeptical have been able to prove the benefit of this therapy, such as improving the immune system, reducing blood pressure and stress, improving mood, accelerating recovery after an intervention or following an illness and increasing energy levels.

As well as Silvotherapy, which in the past was recommended for patients suffering from chronic pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and airway disease.
Healthy people can also practise Silvotherapy and Forest-therapy in an active way, walking, running or doing sport, usually during a holiday or simply on a weekend, thus preventing the onset of diseases.
Our abundant Cork Oaks in the Sardinian territory and even more so in Gallura are a symbol of power, energy and survival, it is no coincidence that our population is renowned for their longevity and strong and determined character. The air we breathe contains negative ions of oxygen capable of stimulating vital cognitive and psycho-emotional processes.
This practice is suitable for everyone because it is not based on physical effort and promotes balance between mind and body through sensory perception.

We propose this therapy to adults and children, without the need for a guide but by outlining paths in the woods; will be prepared natural infusions made from herbs and plants of our territory with various beneficial properties, take-away to take with you to relax in the woods, pampered by the silence with only the background of nature, all a few steps from the town and back you can continue the experience in the B & B, perhaps accompanied by a good book from our library or listening to relaxing music or simply playing a game of chess and test the mental elasticity after the Forest-Therapy and Silvoterapia.


Therapy and relaxation will accompany you throughout your stay in our structure because the cork, its perfume and all the furniture together with the paintings give an unusual and regenerating atmosphere.                  

La Vecchia Posta

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